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September 3, 2012 by alexandragreid

As a young adult, and as someone who coded her first HTML page at the tender age of twelve, I guess you could say that I’m not exactly new to the world of social media. However, there were a few things that caught my eye and made me want to enroll in this course:

  • Slim pickings for Ed Tech electives this semester (not really “slim”, but I’ve taken all that are being offered besides this one);
  • I’m a social media junkie. That being said, I more than likely will not share any of my personal social media links with the class or the public. I have an alternate internet “persona” you could say, and I certainly wouldn’t want my personal opinions and thoughts to be merged with my professional ones;
  • I have used (and had much success with) Google Apps and Google Groups in the high-school classroom. I would like to learn how to integrate different aspects of social media in secondary and post-secondary educational settings, as ultimately I would like to end up in higher education as a profession;
  • Before enrolling in this class, I had a discussion with an online friend (also a secondary teacher) about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of colleges and universities teaching courses like these and how “futile” it is to even attempt to integrate social media tools into the classroom because “once used in school it loses the cool factor.” (his words, NOT mine) To be blunt, I really want to prove him wrong, and share my findings throughout the duration of this course with him.

I hope to leave this course with new and creative ways of integrating social media into the classroom effectively, specifically ways that I can use social media in post-secondary/professional development music education and music technology settings. Also, I’ll hopefully pick up some creative ways to address privacy + social media in the classroom. In other words, what and what not to share depending on who is in your circle(s), effectively adjusting privacy settings, and ways to get it through to some of the youngsters that there are just some things that you shouldn’t post on the internet 🙂

This was super verbose. Those who follow will notice that the majority of my blog posts will follow suit. Also I’d like to make a note that I’ve heard about how “great” WordPress is but have up until now avoided the service like the plague (there are just better blogging sites out there in my opinion). While we did have the option to use other services, I figure I might as well just bite the bullet and give it a shot. But anyway, here’s my about.me: http://about.me/areid/

Oh yeah, and this bit:

Personal FERPA Statement

I, Alexandra G. Reid, understand and accept that some of my academic work for the fall 2012 semester will be published on the open web.

I also disclose that the work I will be putting up online is done as a part of the EDUC439/639 class at the University of Delaware. The home page of this open class is located at http://openteaching.ud-css.net/.

Unless content put up can potentially damage my online reputation, I also pledge to leave it online until at least December 21, 2012, the end of the fall semester.

Under those terms, I waive parts of my FERPA-granted rights for the purpose of exploring social media and web 2.0, excluding private conversations with colleagues and course grades.



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