Battling through the Undergrads…


September 5, 2012 by alexandragreid

I think the best part about the M.Ed. program (Educational Technology) was that a majority of the courses were in a distance learning format. It was quite easy to dodge the crowds on campus, almost avoiding the “kiddies” all together. The two classes I am enrolled in are in the hybrid format (half distance learning half in-person), meaning I won’t have that complete luxury this semester. 

That being said, the undergrads on campus are getting younger and younger. Or maybe I’m just getting older and older…sighs. 

7 thoughts on “Battling through the Undergrads…

  1. mggrottiM says:

    I totally agree! I work on the campus and I do miss the students when they are gone (this place is just not quite right without them) but as soon as they are back I find myself battling road rage at the crosswalks and feeling burnt out and old(er) in no time! I really enjoy the distance format of these classes too. I can tell that this class is going to drag me way out of my comfort bubble, and that’s probably a good thing….

    Looking forward to working with you this semester.

  2. chhstechspec says:

    Older but wiser…when you get to be my age, everyone is younger. Perhaps this is what defines me at this moment in time…yet my mind is still having fun…but I am rambling…

  3. mathplourde says:

    Undergrad go hybrid too, they are always half-present 😉

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