Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!


September 21, 2012 by alexandragreid

Information overload!!!…or filter failure? 

Hate to say it, but I think it’s a little of both in my case. With that said, slowly but surely I am integrating the tools that have been introduced in this course to manage both my professional and personal social media accounts. HootSuite is one of my favorite apps of the week, so much so that I created two different accounts! (I was a little disappointed by the lack of Tumblr integration, but hopefully that will come in the future. I am curious as to why, though, as Tumblr is a pretty popular blogging site and can be integrated into a number of similar services.) Also, I must give credit to the think tank that came up with netvibes – now featured as a bookmark button in my Safari browser. (Clearly a diehard Apple person, still using the Safari browser…) There are some days where I would love to catch up on current trends in fields of interest to my profession (instructional and music technology, uses of academic technology in the postsecondary classroom, etc.), but by the time I get home from a long day of work and class I simply can’t be bothered with sifting through dozens of websites for articles of interest. Netvibes has done all of the work for me, and there’s nothing like sitting back and making the technology work for you! 

To answer the question of the week, I turned to my trusty right hand man – Google – and simply entered a search string “aggregating vs curating content”. I found a number of interesting reads, but one in particular, found here, gave a short and sweet KISS definition: Curation goes one step beyond aggregation by adding an active, ongoing editorial component. 

So, I guess what Mr. Forry is lending to is that there is a step further in curation from just gathering up similar things and grouping them together. Granted, this article was written in 2009; I found it interesting to find the listing directly underneath this one was entitled “The Pointless Debate over Curation vs Aggregation” from BusinessWeek written in 2012. That article didn’t really address the differences between the two, but rather, that bloggers should be mindful of content that they repost and give credit to the original poster or creator of the content. (I thought that was just a given, but…) 

I’ll leave you all with this last nugget of knowledge from my exploration: this site from EMedia Vitals lists some pretty decent strategies for effective content aggregation, as well as for tools of engagement with your content (including a section on “Curating the Cloud”). Enjoy! 


4 thoughts on “Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

  1. williamboyer says:

    Regarding Aggregation VS. Curation, I read Clinton Forry’s blog post as well and the quote that you mention, “Curation goes one step beyond aggregation by adding an active, ongoing editorial component”. That quote made me wonder what exactly would qualify as an “editorial component”? The phrase is necessarily vague, so as to leave the definition of “component” up to the curator but at the same time, that vagueness, for me, leaves the definition of curation rather vague as well. How much additional value needs to be added to a collection to qualify it as having been curated? In the end, I suppose it doesn’t take much of an “editorial component” all to qualify, so the debate, for me, then comes down to the quality of the quration. A question more like “has this collection been well curated or poorly curated?”, in my mind, is the more important question. This question does not require any set amount of value to be added, but asks, rather, how *effective* the “editorial component” was in adding value to the collection.

    • mathplourde says:

      That’s a good point, Bill. Is curation the act of curating one item at a time, or can curation only be judged by the cohesion of the collection of items?

      Just throwing yet another open loop your way 😉

  2. Depends on whose definition of curation you use…

  3. drat, there goes another filter malfunction…

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