This is Why I’m a Jerk


October 14, 2012 by alexandragreid

In my first year of teaching (as a wide-eyed though sometimes very exhausted Choir Director and General Music Teacher), I was introduced to a really cool and cheap-as-free application called Jing at a district music teachers’ inservice day. Jing allows you to not only easily take screenshots (for those of you who are still using PC’s), but also record up to five minute screencasts. The teacher who had briefly talked about this application was using it to create music theory tutorials using Sibelius software. 

I was immediately intrigued, amused, and giggled like a schoolgirl. I was determined to go home that very day and download the software and begin to experiment with it on my very own Mac!

…and then, you know, lesson planning, repertoire selection, grade reports, conferences, switching schools, wash rinse repeat, grad school…


…four years later…. 

I’m particularly excited for this week’s DIY Learning assignment, because now I can’t put it off anymore! There are a number of educational extensions that which Jing could be applied: for example, when my BADER Consortium supervisor is a little confused on how to post articles to the main part of the site (even though I tell her I don’t mind, she really likes to try!), I can record a screencast in Dreamweaver so she could visually see the process and perform the steps along with the video. 

When I was first introduced to Jing four years ago, it was a relatively new application, and there weren’t many resources outside of the developer’s site on instruction and troubleshooting with the program. Since then, there are a number of resources that I have located online that, if I were to run into problems using the program I could refer to, including: 

That being said, I’ve always been the type to just “download and go!” So more than likely, I’ll do a lot more playing around with the program until I hit an insurmountable wall before referring to these sources. But it’s good to know that they are available. And if all else fails, I can always send a Facebook message to the music teacher who originally introduced me to the program, good ol’ Mr. Endlein! 


4 thoughts on “This is Why I’m a Jerk

  1. camreich says:


    I enjoyed reading about your discovery of Jing. I love that tool! I agree with you, sometimes it is good to just “download and go.”

  2. Alex,
    Thanks for posting the links for “Jing help”.. I searched them all and I still have not figured this part out of jing/screencast. Maybe you know? I saved my video so screencast can open it up. Once my video is saved to can I then go and save it to my computer? I cannot seem to remember how to do this.. I feel like I have do this in the past but am drawing a blank! Maybe you can help if you understand my question…typing questions are always awkward and I am not sure if I type it so people can understand? Thanks!

    • alexandragreid says:

      I don’t actually understand your question…could you maybe rephrase? Sorry 😦

    • mathplourde says:

      It’s in the history on the software on your computer. I think it’s the “middle sun burst”. When you hover an item in your history, you can save a local copy or reupload it to

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